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Mish Mosh Soup

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I live in the Chicago area. When I visit various Jewish deli's I will often have the Mish Mosh Soup, which is chicken soup with rice, noodles, a Matzo Ball, a kreplach and sometimes kasha.

I was corresponding with a new Chicago Chowhound who move here from New Jersey, he commented"

"I have never heard of mish-mosh soup before I moved to Chicago (only the term mish-mosh). But I know it's on the menu at The Bagel on Broadway, and apparently also on the menu at Once Upon A Bagel. I wonder if this could be a Chicago-Jewish food concoction."

Is this a Chicago-centric offering?


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  1. I have only seen mish-mosh soup offered at one NYC deli, but it's a place that's been open for only a few years, and I never saw it before that, so it may well be from Chicago (or somewhere else non-New-Yawkish)

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      I'm Jewish & have lived in NYC for all of a rather long life and eaten in Jewish delis since forever, and I never heard of Mish Mosh soup until I just found this posting.

    2. Kenny & Ziggy's, a non-kosher Jewish deli near the Galleria in Houston, also sells a mish-mosh soup.

      1. You can also get it at Canter's Deli in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles....on Fairfax between Beverly and Melrose. Ask to be seated in Jeannie's station.

        1. Hi
          Suburban house on reiserstown rd, Pikesville, Baltimore, MD - it has the BEST mish mosh soup. Their menu has some seriously jewish food, my father in law loves their liver pate. I looked on their menu online and didnt see the mish mosh soup listed but have eaten it there lots. The chicken noodle soup is not the mish mosh.

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            Not Jewish, but will go out of my way for the mish-mosh soup at the Bagel Restaurant at Old Orchard (Skokie, IL). The portion is massive, so definitely plan to share.

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              I've never heard of mishmosh soup. I make a mishmosh soup or stew of left overs. That's the only mish mosh I know. ;~D

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                a derivative of the word mishpocha?

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                  Not even close. No Hebrew connection at all. It's from German "misch", to mix. A "mish-mash" means a hodgepodge, a jumble, a random mixture, a cholent. The German equivalent is "Wirrwarr".

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                    Hebrew? I thought it was Yiddish!

          2. I live in Cleveland. Mish Mosh Soup has been a staple of deli's around here all my life.

            1. sounds like some Jewish depression era throwback.
              basically every cheap starch you can find in a chicken broth,
              similar to how chollent must of become part of the Jewish diet culture.

              1. many yrs ago there was a non kosher version at a philadelphia area deli type place
                the owners daughter claimed she made it up
                sounds delish where ever it came from

                note i have limited use of my left hand due 2 a broken ring finger there4 i now type in text

                1. I first saw it after moving to LA from Texas back in '98. Either late that year or the next year, I first had it at Izzy's Deli on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. That's also the first time I had knowingly had Kreplach*.

                  *My mom was/is a shiksa, so I only had Matzah Ball soup on Passover and my grandmother, who came over from the old country when she was 8, died when I was 2 1/2, so I didn't learn much of the words or food.

                  I toted around two books in my backpack my first 3 or 4 years in LA to help me in case I ever got in a jam and/or needed to schmooze a little.

                  Book #1) English/Spanish... Españold/Inglés Dictionary

                  Book #2) Leo Rosten's "The Joys of Yiddish"

                  Book #2 helped teach me about LA, the lingo, and the food, but it was a one way dictionary. You couldn't look up "The Yiddish word for...". You had to start with the Yiddish word and then find its English meaning.

                  But Mish-Mosh Soup definitely exists in LA and I believe that it was in Leo's book. It's not just a Chicago thing, it's a shtetl thing, whether that shtetl was in Eastern Europe or America.

                  1. You can also get it at Schlomo & Vito's in the foothills of Tucson AZ (A New York deli in the desert). We'll be going there tonight and I'll give it a try :)

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                      (very unkosher deli - but the history is cute!)

                      About Shlomo & Vito
                      Shlomo and Vito grew up in Brooklyn, NY during the 1950′s. They lived across the street from one another. Shlomo and Vito were the best of friends. They shared a love for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and their mama’s home cooking.

                      Lois and Ed
                      Shlomo and Vito came from different religious backgrounds, but they were brothers in each other eyes. Their family’s joke was that Shlomo’s mama invented guilt and Vito’s mama perfected it. A love of food enveloped both families. There was no illness, heartbreak, happy occasion or holiday that could not be made a little better with a home cooked meal from mama.

                      Shlomo and Vito eventually combined their friendship and love of good food and created their delicatessen. An opportunity for all to enjoy a great home cooked meal and bring a smile to their faces. Shlomo and Vito’s is more than just a deli, it’s a way of life.