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Mish Mosh Soup

Cathy2 May 16, 2004 11:04 AM


I live in the Chicago area. When I visit various Jewish deli's I will often have the Mish Mosh Soup, which is chicken soup with rice, noodles, a Matzo Ball, a kreplach and sometimes kasha.

I was corresponding with a new Chicago Chowhound who move here from New Jersey, he commented"

"I have never heard of mish-mosh soup before I moved to Chicago (only the term mish-mosh). But I know it's on the menu at The Bagel on Broadway, and apparently also on the menu at Once Upon A Bagel. I wonder if this could be a Chicago-Jewish food concoction."

Is this a Chicago-centric offering?


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    uncle moishy RE: Cathy2 May 16, 2004 05:45 PM

    I have only seen mish-mosh soup offered at one NYC deli, but it's a place that's been open for only a few years, and I never saw it before that, so it may well be from Chicago (or somewhere else non-New-Yawkish)

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    1. re: uncle moishy
      Jane G. RE: uncle moishy Jun 14, 2004 11:44 PM

      I'm Jewish & have lived in NYC for all of a rather long life and eaten in Jewish delis since forever, and I never heard of Mish Mosh soup until I just found this posting.

    2. l
      Lev N. Tien RE: Cathy2 Jun 14, 2004 03:28 PM

      Kenny & Ziggy's, a non-kosher Jewish deli near the Galleria in Houston, also sells a mish-mosh soup.

      1. schmange RE: Cathy2 Oct 7, 2009 06:33 AM

        You can also get it at Canter's Deli in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles....on Fairfax between Beverly and Melrose. Ask to be seated in Jeannie's station.

        1. a
          amandanz RE: Cathy2 Oct 9, 2009 05:15 PM

          Suburban house on reiserstown rd, Pikesville, Baltimore, MD - it has the BEST mish mosh soup. Their menu has some seriously jewish food, my father in law loves their liver pate. I looked on their menu online and didnt see the mish mosh soup listed but have eaten it there lots. The chicken noodle soup is not the mish mosh.

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          1. re: amandanz
            MikeB3542 RE: amandanz Oct 10, 2009 10:06 PM

            Not Jewish, but will go out of my way for the mish-mosh soup at the Bagel Restaurant at Old Orchard (Skokie, IL). The portion is massive, so definitely plan to share.

            1. re: MikeB3542
              spydbear RE: MikeB3542 Oct 18, 2009 09:49 PM

              I've never heard of mishmosh soup. I make a mishmosh soup or stew of left overs. That's the only mish mosh I know. ;~D

          2. j
            Jodalah RE: Cathy2 Jun 27, 2010 10:26 AM

            I live in Cleveland. Mish Mosh Soup has been a staple of deli's around here all my life.

            1. Joe Berger RE: Cathy2 Jun 27, 2010 11:27 AM

              sounds like some Jewish depression era throwback.
              basically every cheap starch you can find in a chicken broth,
              similar to how chollent must of become part of the Jewish diet culture.

              1. p
                Prettypoodle RE: Cathy2 Jun 28, 2010 12:14 PM

                many yrs ago there was a non kosher version at a philadelphia area deli type place
                the owners daughter claimed she made it up
                sounds delish where ever it came from

                note i have limited use of my left hand due 2 a broken ring finger there4 i now type in text

                1. c
                  ChanceOnEarth RE: Cathy2 Apr 8, 2014 10:13 PM

                  I first saw it after moving to LA from Texas back in '98. Either late that year or the next year, I first had it at Izzy's Deli on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. That's also the first time I had knowingly had Kreplach*.

                  *My mom was/is a shiksa, so I only had Matzah Ball soup on Passover and my grandmother, who came over from the old country when she was 8, died when I was 2 1/2, so I didn't learn much of the words or food.

                  I toted around two books in my backpack my first 3 or 4 years in LA to help me in case I ever got in a jam and/or needed to schmooze a little.

                  Book #1) English/Spanish... Españold/Inglés Dictionary

                  Book #2) Leo Rosten's "The Joys of Yiddish"

                  Book #2 helped teach me about LA, the lingo, and the food, but it was a one way dictionary. You couldn't look up "The Yiddish word for...". You had to start with the Yiddish word and then find its English meaning.

                  But Mish-Mosh Soup definitely exists in LA and I believe that it was in Leo's book. It's not just a Chicago thing, it's a shtetl thing, whether that shtetl was in Eastern Europe or America.

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