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May 13, 2004 02:54 PM

Kosher Meals in a Foreign Country

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Hello Everyone. Maybe you can offer a little help.

I'm going on a business trip in a few weeks. It will be far from any kosher establishments (its in the Philippines). When I go, I'll have a refrigerator and won't have an oven or microwave. Also, I won't have a good way to keep things cool on the way over.

My question is, what kosher items should I take with me to eat in the hotel room?

I was planning to take tuna/salmon and mayo, matzoh, and some La Bruit meals. What else can I take? Any other ideas?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. Dry bread (the kind that doesn't go stale, but is better than matzoh:-)
    Nutella is good for trips
    Peanut Butter, also

    1. When I went to Japan last year I froze some vaccuum sealed pastrami and cornbeef and it was still cold when I arrived. I wrapped them in paper towels and then in ziplocks-- you have to remember that different countries have different regulations regarding the importing of meat.

      If you like snacks- granola bars, cookies, etc. I brought along store bought rye breads, pitas...crackers may be good too. Chocolate spread is a good idea. Breakfast cereals, if you eat them.

      I was thinking about instant soups, but you said you'd have no way to heat items.

      There's an Orthodox Sefardi shul if that helps-- located in Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manilla.

      1. I've found that Pita Bread travels better than matzo- it freezes, it can be toasted- it's more versatile. Matzo or crackers usually crumble or get crushed!

        If I were you - when I get to where I'm staying, I'd buy a small toaster oven (the broiling kind if possible)- or a hot plate - to help with the heating process. Then you can toast the bread, or heat the pastrami, or heat up soup in a pan. Since you'll not be eating out, it'll not cost too much and I'm sure the housekeeping dept will find a home for it once you leave the hotel.
        Once I check in, I head to the supermarket for disposable plates, cups, etc. You'll need to bring a small pan so you don't need to find a natural "mikveh" to toivel it.

        I travel at all times with power bars(again, not cruncy so they don't break), there are individual creamers that require no refridgeration (I think it's Land- O-lakes- the W hotels usually have them if you want to call and find out where to order)- I NEED my coffee- so instant coffee plus the creamer is it.

        1. They now sell in most large kosher supermarkets these
          compleat meals that heat themselfs with some stuff that you add to water,
          Somewhat like GI meals with a good supervision,
          great selection of options,
          and they taste good to.

          I forget the name of the product you can find them all over,

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            I think they are called Labruit. They are fairly tasty.

            Thank you and thank everyone for your input.

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            marshall breger

            there is a kosher restaurant in manila. check with the orthodox rabbi there. it is under his hashgacha
            by the way the food is great
            marshall breger