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May 10, 2004 09:47 AM

Box Tree

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Hi I am going tonight with my wife for our anniversary to The Box Tree. Any recommendation on what to order. Also I heard that it is better to sit upstairs. Is that true? Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. You definitely want to sit upstairs. If you can, call them and ask that this be noted with your reservation.

    1. Nu? Was it worth it? The Box Tree is a beautiful place and the food and service are both quite good, but I still haven't decided if it's worth all that money.

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        We had a great time at the box tree. The food was very good, not great. Its the ambiance that you pay for. The entrees run $30-60 so they can be pricey. The waiter makes sure you are happy and you can stay for over two hours no problem. I recommend the box tree for special occasions. It is worth the price.

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          I'd been dying to try The Box Tree ever since it opened. Despite several comments that it wasn't worth the price, I had to see for myself. I finally got my opportunity on Mother's Day. We ate in an upstairs room. Though we ate at the first dinner seating, there were some items on the menu that weren't available, and no specials. (When someone at the next table ordered one of those unavailable items, I was surprised to hear the waiter say that it wouldn't have been a good choice anyway.)
          The portobella mushroom salad was tasty. The other appetizer that we ordered wasn't memorable - I already can't remember what it was, but it included some matzoh polenta. Of the two entrees that we shared, the Delmonico steak (medium well) was excellent; The roast chicken with black truffle was just o.k. - dried out, and nothing special.
          The dessert of a warm chocolate cake with a melted chocolate center, and a scoop of vanilla pareve ice-cream was the one most highly recommended by the waiter. It too, was just o.k. - with a very unimaginative presentation.
          All in all, I'm not sorry that we checked out the Box Tree, but I doubt that we'll be back again.
          Personally, I don't think that it was worth it, despite the interesting decor.