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May 5, 2004 09:14 AM

Cafe K Manhattan

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Went for my inaugural lunch at Kafe K Manhattan (48th off of 5th, on site of old Diamente Cafe)yesterday, and was very impressed. Nice place, great ambiance, food was excellent. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but hey, whadda ya gonna do? At least now we have a dairy place where we can take clients for a breakfast/lunch without too much walking!


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  1. How much is grilled fish there? I recall the Broolyn branch being not so pricey. I see from your e-mail address that you work for Smith Barney so...if it's pricey to you I'm REALLY in trouble!Shed some light!

    Thank you.

    amy t.

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      Fish ranges from 9.50 for grilled salmon to 15.95 for grouper w/a picatta sauce. Oops, I just saw 17.95 for Grilled Chilean Sea Bass

      1. re: Ari Cohen
        uncle moishy

        Those numbers are about 20% higher than at Cafe-K Brooklyn. Not surprising considering the location. In Brooklyn, Cafe K is definitely at the lower end of the scale pricewise. In most places, you can't find entrees (not even pasta) for less than $10, while cafe K offers all pastas and some fish entrees for less than $10.

    2. Although they don't have menus (whats up with that???), their paper take-out menu lists the Brooklyn joints so I'm assuming prices are the same at all locations.

      Ate there today and was very satisfied with the food and selection, but found the service slow. Had to ask several times for water / bread. My dining partner ordered soup which was served shortly thereafter while my fish dish was served a full 15 minutes later.

      Otherwise, A1 for Dairy in Midtown.