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May 4, 2004 08:32 AM

Dowry Caterers

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I'm looking for a kosher caterer. I've spoken with a lot of the more well known names and their prices are a bit high for me. Someone mentioned Dowry Caterers, out of the IDT building in Newark. I've spoken with them and they sound very accomodating but I don't know anything about them and noone I know has used them. I don't have any references. Would anyone have any information to share with me? I haven't priced them out yet either. Any idea how they compare pricewise?

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  1. why don't you try weiss' in brooklyn. they took over lou g. siegels. speak with alan b. tell him elane sent you. i had a fleishig meal in a hotel they ran on long island for pessach and the food was great!
    as far as the other place, call them up and ask for referrences. see if any local organizations near them used them.

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      I am trying to plan a wedding in the New York City area and I am looking for a reasonably priced kosher caterer/hall to hold my wedding. I've been told that Crest Hollow country club in Long Island is reasonable. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

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        I don't know about catering prices but in terms of the location, if your wedding is being planned for a Sunday, you might look into some hotels in the Somerset, NJ area. There are huge corporate parks there with hotel after hotel that cater to the business crowd during the week and are usually rather quiet on the weekends. Prices there, at least for gust rooms are very reasonable. There is a beautiful place there called DoubleTree, there are Hilton's a Marriots. I've learned that the hall doesn't have to be Kosher. You only need a place that has done kosher affairs before. Your caterer comes in and Kashers the kitchen.

        One thing I did, go to Prestige Caterers web site. They have a link to the locations they've worked at with addresses and phone numbers in NY, NJ and Conn. Gives you a good idea of places people do affairs. also, I would imagine, NJ is less expensive than NY and the more south you go, Somereset, for example, vs the Meadowlands, the more reasonable the pricing.

        Best of luck

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          I got married at Crest Hollow and I loved it. We were so impressed with the place and the staff, that 5 years later my sister-in-law got married there too. And, it was just as nice as when we got married.