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Apr 30, 2004 09:57 PM


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Are deviled eggs okay to bring as an appetizer-made with eggs-mayonaise-and herbs to a potluck supper? Thought it might be a good Atkins diet or South Beach diet snack-and something people enjoy but am checking on the approvering of it! Are eggs considered dairy?I have heard different opinions on this? Thank you once again!

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    Eggs are, barring any unforeseen circumstances, considered pareve. But there are some who maintain that there may be eggs which can be considered fleishig. I personally treat them as pareve and plan accordingly. Devilled eggs is good for Atkins!! Had forgotten! Add a dash of curry powder to the yolk mixture for a bit of "zing'"!

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      Eggs found inside a slaughtered chicken, with no shell, count as meat. Eggs that come in a box are pareve. Nobody counts eggs as dairy - there's no milk in them, so how can they be dairy?

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        I like to put finely minced Vidalia onion in mine, as well as chopped fresh dill. Sometimes I add just a hint of Dijon mustard.

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        stanley edwards

        Eggs are noty dairy,however if cooked in a dairy pot,they can not be eaten with meat products