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Apr 16, 2004 07:01 PM

kosher restaurant in burlington vermont or platssburgh n.y.

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i am looking for a kosher at least dairy cholov yisroel restaurant in the above area as i frequently travel there on business

i see no listings for any kosher restaurants does anyone know if there is a kosher restaurant in the burlington vermont area and or plattsburg?


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  1. There used to be a kosher pizza place in Killington, VT -- Ralphie's -- which I visited in February, 2002... the pizza was great, but it has since closed.

    Dartmouth University has a kosher dining hall, but that's 2 hours southeast of Burlington... Montreal, with several kosher dining options, is also 2 hours away.

    1. This is all I could find. There are no Kosher restaurant in the area.

      Chabad is constantly working to make more Kosher Food available in Burlington. Presently the widest selection of Kosher Food is in the Price Chopper Supermarket located at 596 Shelburne Road and Shaws Supermarket also at 570 Shelburne Rd. (just opposite Price Chopper) The phone number for Price Chopper 802/651-9826, the number for Shaw's Supermarket is 802-860-2255

      Though the list is always growing, some of the Kosher Foods that can be found are:

      Shaws Kosher Bakery (Pas Yisroel)

      Baked goods prepared fresh daily. Both Parve and Dairy.


      Muenster Cheese (HaOlam - Cholov Yisroel), Smoked Cheese (HaOlam - Cholov Yisroel), Swiss Cheese (HaOlam - Cholov Yisroel), Yogurt (Morning Select - Cholov Yisroel), Cottage Cheese (J&J - Cholov Yisroel), Cream Cheese (J&J - Cholov Yisroel)


      Babaganoosh, Chumus, Whitefish Salad, Vegetable Salads

      Meat & Chicken (Aaron's Best/ Rubashkin)

      Turkey Cold cuts, Pastrami Cold cuts, Corned Beef Cold cuts, Kishka, Turkey Shwarma (prepared), Chicken Wings (prepared), Hot dogs, Polish Sausage, Fresh Chicken leg quarters, Fresh whole Chicken, Fresh steak, Fresh veal chops, Fresh chopped meat

      Frozen Foods

      Jerusalem 2 Frozen Pizza, Frozen fish sticks, Fish patties, vegetarian Kishka, Empire frozen poultry products, a variety of frozen soups, a variety of Meal Mart frozen dinners (microwaveable)

      Dry Foods

      Matza, Tam Tams, Whole Wheat crackers (Manashevitz), instant soups, Zeh-Tov cookie Wafers, Kedem Grape Juice.


      Baron Herzog, Kedem, etc.

      We're looking forward to seeing you soon.