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Apr 11, 2004 11:14 PM

best place to buy packaged food from Israel in Manhattan

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I've heard rumors of Israeli stuff being sold in Manhattan--where can I find the most?

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  1. Associated Markets are selling Israeli products and of course there's Supersol & The Kosher Marketplace on the Upper West Side.

    However, for the best selection, you must venture out to King's Highway (between Coney Island Ave. & E.7th) where a true "Sabra Shmorgasboard" of Israeli products awaits!

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    1. re: amy t.

      Fairway has plenty of Israeli foods.

      1. re: DeisCane

        Accd. to an article in the NY Blueprint, there is a new Israeli food store called Eretz which has opened in the Upper West Side recently and is located at 692 Columbus Avenue-- between 93 & 94 Streets.

        1. re: Tina

          I assume this "new store" is where Mezonot (later called Mezon!)was. Seems like a good possibility.

          What specific products are you looking for? Things turn up in strange places sometimes. For example, The Associated Supermarket on 97th and Amsterdam which would seem to serve more of a hispanic and mixed population sometimes carries Israeli cookies and soft drinks that I rarely see elsewhere...