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Mar 27, 2004 11:20 AM

Shmura Matzoh.......from the Ukraine?

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A Chassidic gentleman was selling one pound boxes of Shmura Matzoh, out of a small trailer, near Union Square Park. They were 10 dollars a pound, and seemed legit. My only concern was that they were made in the Ukraine, address printed on on the box, and a Ukranian Rabbi's Kashrut sticker was affixed to the box.


He seemed particularly concerned that us less-observant types have the oppurtunity to buy and eat this Shmura Matzoh.

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  1. Must've been a Chabad-nik...though the thought of a renegade chassid selling shmura matzos out of the back of a truck sounds like a skit straight out of Saturday Night Live!

    If you bought the stuff already, get the name of the Rabbi on the box who gave the hashgacha and call Chabad Headquarters in Crown Heights to see if they can vouch for this person.

    Good luck!
    amy t.

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      There's an interesting article about this in the March 26-April 1 issue of the Jewish Sentinel(freebie distributed in Manhattan).

      Amy is right... the matzah bakery is run by Chabad and the Ukarine's chief Rabbi, Israeli born Shmuel Kaminetzky.

      What I found facinating is in addition to the shmura matzah bakery Dnepropetrovsk also has a tefillin factory and a plant that exports women's wigs to Orthodox communities abroad.

    2. Does anyone know where I can buy Shmura Matzoh in Baltimore now on 5/19/08-6/5/08 I will be there then and maybe even get some at a discount since passover
      is over. I dont want broken pieces. thank you

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        I don't have a source for you, but is it a fair question to ask why you want shmura matzoh at this time of year? Just curious.