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Mar 16, 2004 11:30 AM

Help! In search of TRULY yummy Passover Dessert

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Hi all,

I am seeking NYC area suggestions for places from which to order an absolutely FABULOUS and strictly kosher dessert for the seder. Last year, I had an unbelievably negative experience with Shallots--which overcharged me $400 for a really dry, tasteless cake and brownies--without any apology whatsoever--After trying to speak with their elusive manager for days I gave up. At any rate, since it is one of the rare times my whole family gets together, I would like to order something special and would hate to have a repeat experience. Thanks in advance for all your input!

Btw, we ordered dishes for passover from village crown in nyc last year and they were great.

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    1. Though I don't know from personal experience, why don't you check out "My Most Favorit Dessert Company" Restaurant. I hear their Passover desserts are very good.

      1. Try the chocolate bon-bons from Schick's. Besides being available at the Schick's bakery in Brooklyn, they can usually be found at a number of grocery/food stores with kosher sections. Although the bon-bons are not sold frozen, they are delicious right out of the freezer.

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          ilyse schuckman

          I have ordered from my most favorite dessert company for the last 2 years. My guests raved about it.