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Mar 13, 2004 09:55 PM

coconut milk

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A while back, there was a reference to a brand called Fiesta that sells coconut milk with a hecksher. I looked in my local Asian markets and couldn't find it. Would anyone know of a specific market in Connecticut, Westchester or Manhattan that carries it? Or, the name of the brand in the LA market referenced that doesn't have a hechksher but is sold at a kosher market there.

I bought myself a fresh coconut, but I don't want to have to make my own milk every time I need it. The thought of cracking it open isn't a pleasant one.

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  1. Same question, for Detroit area.
    I've tried One Stop Kosher, Hiller's, Farmer Jack and Trader Joe's, and have come up empty. Any leads on kosher brands of coconut milk and/or locations here where it can be purchased?
    Or mail-order houses?

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      CT Kosher Ben Noach

      According to the kosherquest site, coconut milk does not require certification (except from China).




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      robin goldgrab

      roland makes a coconut milk that is ou

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        Coconut milk does not require certification. But if you prefer to make it on your own, I've done it with flaked coconut.