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Mar 10, 2004 12:41 PM

Kosher Artisanal Bread in NYC

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The New York Times Dining In section had a story about Artisanal breads today, and how some companies have managed to mass produce them via parbaking methods.
Does anyone know where i can find Kosher Artisanal bread in NYC, and whether it is actually handmade properly or whether parbaked? I am particularly interested in Ciabatta and Focaccia breads.


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  1. I know it's not New York, but in New Haven at the Atticus Cafe you can get these types of breads through the Ciabaso bakery (I have not spelled that correctly, but it's a close spelling). Actually, you can get them all around New Haven in the supermarkets as well. They are all kosher.

    Maybe Atticus can ship to you. Or, better yet, take a day trip to New Haven.

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      Tribeca Oven sells to many gourmet shops in NYC, the company is now based in WillyB and their stuff rocks. They have some at Dean & Deluca. Call them and find out where they deliver to in NYC. Also, out of NYC, you can beg the Rennnaisance Cafe on King's Highway to sell you their foccacia and get Orchidea's crusty bread loaf that's out of this world but located in Borough Park. There'nothing like good bread, wine and a stinky cheese!

      amy t.

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        CT Kosher Ben Noach

        "There'nothing like good bread, wine and a stinky cheese!"

        Agreed - now where can I find a good kosher stinky cheese?


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        CT Kosher Ben Noach

        The Chabaso breads are of quite reasonable quality for the price. Please note that for those that require rabbinic certification the bakery has changed from baking all the breads centrally (KVH supervision) to the previously mentioned "bake-off" or "parbake". NOT ALL Stop & Shop bakeries are supervised - check carefully if this is an issue for you.




      3. Can anyone tell me what parbaking is? How is it different from regular ole baking like Mom used to do?

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          Parbaking means that the bread was partially baked. Products are then flash drozen and shipped to supermarkets who complete the baking process by putting the parbaked bread into an oven.

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          new york girl

          Fairway Markets (74th and Broadway, and 133 and 12th avenue) make their own breads, including ciabattas and foccacia(plain, rosemary, or topped with sauteed peppers, onions, and tomatoes).

          Hechsher is from R. Avrohom Marmorstein