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passover vegetarian recipes-HELP

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my son is a vegetarian and i need suggestions for appropriate dishes for pesach-

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    Bride of the Juggler

    One of my favorite Passover treats is fresh quacamole on matza.

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      So send us your recipe!

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        Bride of the Juggler

        I usually wing it, something like this:

        Mash one avocado. Mix with juice of one lime, 1-2 cloves crushed garlic, a couple sprigs chopped fresh cilantro, and optionally 1 finely chopped jalepeno pepper (not including seeds). Spread on matza or serve in bowls for dipping.

        Thank you.

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          If I may fine-tune ;-)

          Less lime (at most 1 Tbsp per avacado). Lemon juice
          can be substituted.
          Fresh ground black pepper.
          1/4 tsp salt or to taste.


    2. matzah pizza is always a favorite (as is matzah lasagna). grilled vegetables are good as are omlettes with fresh salsa.

      1. I compiled this list of links to vegetarian Pesach websites for a mailing list that I belong to.


        Vegetarian Pesach Recipes from the Beit HaChatulim Collection



        Vegetarian Fatfree Passover Recipes

        About.com Vegetarian Passover Recipes

        Passover Ideas from the Vegetarian Resource Group

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          we used the sephardic spinach and cheese pie recipe from

          for the 75 person seder we catered for the Actor's Temple yesterday in NYC and it was delicious

          we did make some modifications to the recipe
          eg. sauteed the spinach first with roasted garlic and hot pepper flakes,

          used pepato cheese instead of mozzarella
          and instead of a top tayer of matza we added an additonal 3/4 pound of cheese as the topping .

          It was delicious, diffferent and well received.

        2. my husband is vegetarian also. does he eat fish? if not, I have several good recipes for a vegetable fricasse (more like veggie meatballs sauteed w/ vegetables) and another one he loves for a veg. nut loaf, using ground walnuts, mushrooms, onion, pepper, etc. if interested I'll email them to you.

          1. Quinoa is a lifesaver for vegetarians during Passover! The "grain" is really a grass, and thus kosher for Passover. Use it instead of rice or couscous. It is a complete protein and awesome hot or cold!

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              Quinoa tabbouleh has become a Pesach standard for us. Good, good for you and not a speck of matzah in it.

            2. i have some great recipes for a crust which i use to make pizza and quiche. it is extremely simple. 4oz matza meal, 4 oz potato starch, 4 oz marg and egg to bind. you will then press it out as either flat for pizza or up and around for quiche. this should give you eough for either 2 8inch pizzas or 1 quiche.
              i also make vegetarian scotch eggs using a nut mixture which i have pasted below:

              4 hard boiled eggs
              3 large tablespoons tomato paste
              1 onion- chopped and sauteed
              4 oz chopped nuts
              2 oz ground nuts
              2 oz cheese
              egg to bind- usually one is sufficient
              salt and pepper to taste

              put onion, cheese, tomato paste, egg, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix until you have a sticky mix which holds togehter. put around hard boiled eggs. bake at 375 until browned on top.

              1. I'm trying this recipe for second seder, and making a vegetarian matzoh ball soup instead of chicken.


                I'm omitting the canned chilis since they aren't available KFP and am worried they will be much to spicy if I use fresh.

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                  I do a quinoa taboulleh (not very different - finely chopped cukes/scallions/red peppers - LOTS of chopped parsley & cilantro with fresh lemon juice and olive oil) and add a finely chopped jalapeno - definitely not too hot.

                2. Spaghetti squash is one of our standards during the week. Bake a spaghetti squash (30 mins or so at 350), then scrape out, and top with K for P spaghetti sauce. then top w/ shredded mozz cheese and parmesan. Bake for another 10 mins to melt cheese. Enjoy!