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Feb 24, 2004 07:38 PM

Kosher in Miami Beach?

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My family will be traveling to the Miami/Ft Laud area in mid-march.

Where is the frum section of Miami Beach?
Any recommended restaurants there (or elsewhere nearby)? How about "take-out" type places to buy kosher food to eat at my sister-in-law's (where we'll be staying part of the time)? And are there any restaurants where you can pay in advance for a meal on Shabbat?

Thanks in advance, y'all!

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  1. Miami Beach is one of the easiest places to visit when keeping kosher. The choices are enormous. The epicenter of the frum community is Arthur Godfrey Blvd.

    The attached site acts as a gateway to what's available in Florida. All you need to do is choose your preferred county.


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      Thanks for the suggestion, but the web site can only take me so far, since it's somewhat out of date. For example, it listed a dairy restaurant called Sabra in North Miami Beach, and claimed that it was in a Radisson Hotel. But the Radisson website shows no hotel at or near that address and when I called the restaurant's phone number (at 615pm tonight), all I got was an answering machine and a message that sounded awfully residential to me.

      Of course, even assuming that this site is more up to date than my one unhappy experience, or that I can extract names and locations from Shamash, I'm still hoping to get steered to better places and away from bad ones by you guys.

      So thanks for your suggestions and keep them coming!

      1. re: uncle moishy

        I just came from Miami like two days ago. We went to a new KOSHER- JAPANESSE RESTAURANT.. It is in biscayne ave. but I dont know the exact address. They have tepanyaki and japanesse food. If you want, you can seat on the table and they cook in front of you.

        Also, you can go to COIFIOCHI wich is located in Surfside - Bal Harbour.

        For a sandwich, shwarma or falafel you can go to PITA PLUS in LOEHMANS plaza or you can go to PINNATI restaurant.

        I have heard that in the 41st. you have also some kosher restaurants. If you have any questions you can write to my mail.

        In waterways we went last time to a meat restaurant called THE PRIME GRILL, its very expensive and to us it was not that good.



        1. re: Little Di

          There's a kosher supermarket in aventura called KOSHER KINGDOM were you can buy the food in advanced and served it for shabat.