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Feb 22, 2004 05:07 PM

Kosher Panko

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Has anyone ever come across Kosher Panko (Asian breadcrumbs)?

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  1. At the kosher food show Jeffrey Nathan (chef at Abigails) showed of line of panko and assorted spices and rubs. I can't find my notes, but maybe if you call the restaurant they can give you information.

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      I belive they sell them at The Kosher Marketplace (UWS) -- though they aren't called "Panko" but they're in a clear bag and the "cut" is exactly the same.

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      Sharon Lebewohl

      I've searched everywhere for Panko with a hechsher. It does exhist in industrial sizes. I buy it at Restaurant Depot in 25 pound bags and it has a Chaf K. I use it professionally, but even if I didn't, I probably would still buy the 25 pound bag. It is cheap and worth it. There is nothing like Panko for frying. I've turned all my friends onto it and everyone wants to buy some from me.
      Kosher Depot said that that they are looking into getting Panko that is Pas Yisroel. Boy have times changed.

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        But you still haven't told us how the date turned out! (see 2/11/04)

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          We're all such yentas here. I, too, have been wondering about young Mr. Lebewohl's shidduch.

          Nu - Was the date shayach or shvach (in my best yeshivish twang)?

      2. I use imofood's kosher Panko, I even use them for my Schnitzels

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          Kikkoman has OU panko. I've seen it in many "regular" supermarkets. Also, Iron Chef makes Kof-K panko.

          Here's Kikkoman's:

        2. Jeff Nathans Panko is in my pantry. On the box, the only website link is

          1. I buy the Kikkoman brand panko from Wegman's. I'm sure shoprite or stop and shop has it, but it's the cheapest in Wegman's so I just stock up there. Pomegranate also has it- I think the brand is Iron Chef. I only saw flavored types in Pomegranate

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