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Feb 19, 2004 10:18 AM

Kosher school of culinary arts in Israel

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Yesterday on NPR there was a spot on a new Kosher cooking school in Jerusalem, interviews with some students and instructors. Discussed the difficulties of attending a generalized cooking school if keeping Kosher. The students were ecstatic. Thought I'd give a heads up over here.


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  1. Very interesting...I went to their website and found that only men are accepted at this time for the full course; they plan to offer short seminar courses for both men and women later this year. I never thought that men and women cooking in the same kitchen was against halacha...

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    1. re: Kosher Goose

      They're offering a 3 month women's program, plus a baking module for this spring-- as well as a 5 day Pesach cooking classes. They hope to also organize short-term programs. Short-term classes for teenagers are now going on.

      1. re: Tina

        I'm still not getting why they offer 10-month, professional courses for men and only 3-month courses for women.

        1. re: Clarissa

          Women learn more quickly.

          1. re: Clarissa

            Now they are offering 6 month womens course because it was so successful