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Feb 18, 2004 05:00 PM

Haikara Grill

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Looking for a description of the atmosphere at Haikara, as well as recommendations for non-sushi options there, including fish. Thanks!

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  1. Excellent atmosphere, fancy, classy.

    Everything is great there. If not eating sushi, go for any of the grilled meat dishes.

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    1. re: Jim

      I agree but bring lots of shekels, baby!

    2. I actually think that the atmosphere is nothing special. It looks like they just took over a non kosher restaurant and did nothing to update the interior. I have had some of the entrees, and they're nothing so great. I don't understand why everyone is so impressed with this restaurant. And I have been there at least 4 times.

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      1. re: RachelMolly

        At least the service is really slow....
        (btw...the best kosher sushi--on the planet-- appears to be in CLEVELAND OH at Abba's restaurant)

      2. As an out-of-towner who is STARVED for kosher..I wasn't that impressed. What impressed me actually for sushi was Prime Grill. Of course, love the bustling see and be seen there...but I heard that the sushi chef worked at Nobu. And even this Clevelander knows about Nobu!Sushi was delicious at Prime Grill. I've ordered it at Box tree (overpriced but cool options)..haikara was acceptable but not terrific, but hey, you're lucky to have a japanese option.