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Feb 15, 2004 07:06 AM

how does one "take challah?"

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I want to bake my own challah, but I was told that I have to be sure to "take challah." How do I do that?

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  1. After the dough has risen, before you form into your challah, take a fistful of dough, hold it over the bowl and say - baruch atah '' elohanu melech haolam asher kidishanu bimitzvohtv vitzivanu lehafresh challah. You only need to take challah if you used over 2lbs. 10oz, of flour.

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      Dont forget to put it away after.

      You should put that portion of dough in a container to burn later. If its not possible to burn, then it should double wrapped and dicarded.

      1. re: Emet

        If you happen to have access to the Spice and Spirit cookbook (purple, hardcover), they have a great explanation in the beginning of the book. Additionally, there are a variety of diagrams for braiding, including up to 6 strand braids.

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          spice and spirit will walk u through the process. use high glueten flour or bread flour. someone also mentioned early taking a fistfull of dogh. i was told to take a 'kaziet' --size of an egg and in my neighborhood don't know of anyone takeing that much. if you burn it in your house it will smell badly. i double wrap it keep it on my windowsile for a few days an a reminder to do mitzvot then dispose of it. i have a friend who burns it on the grill outside.

    2. This applies not just to challah (the shabbat bread) but to any bread, cookies, or cake with a solid dough.