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Feb 3, 2004 09:14 AM

great kosher caterer for wedding in home

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i really need some help here. i completed my orthodox conversion and am eligible to marry my fiance as of late March. The only day we can do the wedding is April 1. If I do not get this wedding done by then, obviously it cannot happen until after we are done counting the omer.

I need a caterer to come to my home in Brooklyn and cater the wedding for about 60 people on April 1. But here is the thing -- my fiance is a balteshuva with secular taste buds. He wants the food to be good - really good. Not just "good for kosher", a comment I see on this board quite often. For example he wants sushi on the level of Haikira or Box Tree. Problem is -- I called both those places and they do not cater off premises.

Since I am not ensconsced in the worls of orthodox caters, I have no idea who to call and am running out of time.

I don't mean to insult anybody by this posting. It's just that we have never been to a catered orthodox function where the food was anything more than mediocre. So it's not like I can ask anyone I know for advice. Where are the top top top quality glatt kosher caterers?

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    Bride of the Juggler

    Granted it's been a few years, but we used Prestige Caterers, and we definitely thought it was the quality of food you'd get at a non-kosher restaurant, in quality, presentation, and selection (interesting choices). I eat nonkosher vegetarian out and my husband didn't keep kosher at all before our wedding, so we know whereof we speak. They did a big caviar bar at our wedding that people are still talking about. Thank you.

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      I will second Prestige caterers. I went to a wedding done by them and the food was non kosher quality. Excellent baby lambchops, sushi, duck and veal dishes as well as your standard stuff. Had a vodka and caviar bar that was great.

      the sit down dinner was also very good, as was the dessert table so I have sampled the gamut of stuff from them and cant recall anything that was not very good.

      I too hate the "good for kosher" moniker. Kosher food, especailly meat and fish should be better than non-kosher if you have a little pride in what kosher is all about. Prestige caterers has that pride.

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        Ram caterers -718-336-0300 beautiful, creative presentation and terrific food

        Simply divine - 212-541-7300 elegant presentation great food

        Manna -212-966-3449 lovely presentation super chic food - but small portions

        al of them serve food as good as you have eaten anywhere...manna is probably the most inventive of the three with the most cutting edge food. the amount of food is spare - very not jewish

        1. re: sarrah

          I would second Prestige Caterers . There is also Crown Royale Caterers (sorry, don't have their #, but they are in the Fresh Meadows Jewish Center and also do catering outside that place now.

          An earlier request by someone else for information about caterers in New York mentioned Levana's, which I have had and would second as well.
          Mazel Tov,

    2. I'm currently working with Main Event on a dinner. I've used them before with great success. Furthmore, I know many people who don't keep kosher, with well-trained palates, who have enjoyed their food.

      1. I used Simply Divine for my wedding and was totally happy with them. I was not only unkosher for my entire adult life leading up to the wedding, but I'm really into food, as were many of my guests. Most of the kosher caterers I interviewed didn't seem as interested in the food as the deal -- it was like talking to car salesmen. Then I met Judy Marlow from Simply Divine, and it was totally different. Great food, beautiful presentation, all of it done with creativity and flair. My guests, many of them nonkosher, really enjoyed the food. One guest in particular (non-Jewish co-worker, very sophisticated, who had never been at a kosher wedding before) commented several times about how delicious everything was and how much food there was. I had no idea whether they were still around (I used them in 1998) but, if they are, I'd definitely check them out.

        I've been to a Manna wedding and don't remember the food well (it was a long time ago) but thought it was good. What I do remember is I went to this dessert buffet that Manna catered and thought everything was really good. I'm pretty picky about desserts (I've eaten some great desserts in some of the best nonkosher restaurants in NYC) and thought they were outstanding. This particular buffet was dairy, which is generally better than parve in my opinion, but I'm assuming they're good with parve as well.

        I, too, was concerned about the issues that worry you. One can't help but find many catered meals out there mediocre. Hopefully, you'll be able to find someone who can meet all your needs.


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          uncle moishy

          First of all, Mazal Tov to the two of you. As for your question...

          Prestige is good. I've been to many events they've catered, and they are very creative. They did my cousin's wedding at the Central Park boathouse -- less than 100 people and very good.

          But I'd really recommend Foremost. My daughter's friend was married last year and her family used Foremost for her engagement party, shower and the wedding itself (very spectacular, in the Brooklyn Museum). They did great dessert arrangements for the two smaller events.

          Of course, be prepared to pay top dollar no matter whom you choose, especially with a small crowd.

          1. Have you considered Colbeh?

            Also, if you can't do it on 1-Apr after all, you don't
            have to wait until after Shavuot - you can do it on Lag Ba'omer.

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              But that's still 33 days more! And I did not think it was a good idea to have the wedding compete for people's attention with all the festivities. It is impossible to thank you all enough for the suggestions!