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Jan 18, 2004 11:09 AM

Kosher in Las Vegas

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My niece is going soon. I've heard that LV has a growing kosher community and a number of kosher eateries. Can anyone expand on that or recommend someplace specific? And do any of the hotels have anything? Thanks

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  1. There are no kosher places to eat in the hotels. There is the Las Vegas Kosher Deli on the Strip and Hunan Shalom, which I think is on West Flamingo. I've been to Hunan Shalom and was not that impressed. I won't go to either place now as they both have been cited repeatdely by the Clark County Health Department with low ratings to go back. There is also Haifa on East Twain but I have not been there. There is also Holy Moses for kosher take out on Decatur north of Sahara but I do not know if they are open yet. This about covers it for Las Vegas.

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      There's also Adar Pizza, which is under Chabad supervision. They have fish, pasta and pizza... located at 318 W. Sahara and the phone is 702-385-0006

      Also see Shamash's Kosher Database for more info

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        You might want to contact Rabbi Harling of Chabad of Southern Nevada through his website, he's in-the-know. I heard that there's a kosher kitchen at The Four Season's Hotel for catering. Maybe you could crash a we're talklin'!

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          Well, salvation is coming! Prime Grill is scheduled, sometime soon, to open a branch in Las Vegas. Can't wait.

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            MOSHIACH!!!!! Get that scoop, Steve!

    2. Las vegas deli on the strip is a dirty hole in the wall with not much of a selection, hot dogs, minature deli sandwiches is as good as they get.

      Hunan is far out, probably a $20 cab ride, but we enjoyed the food and service

      Adar is quite good, but be prepared for verrrry slow service

      Haifa is really good if you like Israeli food, all freshly prepared and very tasty and good ambience.

      Wholly Moses wasn't open yet in December, but you might want to try it.

      1. The deli place on the strip is not only filthy, but there is no place to sit, and they overcharge for everything, so we walked in, and walked right out.

        The Chinese place was okay, but the 50 dollars cab fare back and forth to the hotel and back to the strip was more than what we paid for the dinner.

        Buy some food, pack it in an insulated bag, and ask for a fridge in your room. If you find some place decent, consider it a bonus. Las Vegas is not a kosher haven!

        1. Prime Grills Eyes L.A., Vegas Markets

          Boca Raton, FLA. (…The news that Prime Grill had acquired the site of the now defunct Shallot’s Restaurant in the Sony building in New York seems to be part of a major plan to expand the popular steakhouse beyond its New York and Florida locations. According to an interview in a local paper here, Joey Allaham, owner of Prime Grill disclosed that he was planning to open Prime Grill branches in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the coming year. According to the interview, Allaham, 28, has always had a passion for meats. After finishing college, Allaham started a wholesaling meat company in New York where he sold to kosher caterers. But an entrepreneur at heart, he transformed the idea of a New York house in 2000. Last year, revenues at The Prime Grill hit $8 million. “I almost gave up on the Aventura spot because it wasn’t running the way I wanted it to run,” said Allaham, who ditched his partner and overhauled the restaurants in keeping with his up-scale style.

          1. I don't think Las Vegas Kosher, across from Treasure Island, is so bad. Check with Rabbi Harlig or the Jewish Federation for other kosher offerings - By the way, Albertson's grocery in Green Valley has a huge selection of kosher foods.