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Kosher Certified Wasabi Peas

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Does anyone know where I can get Kosher Certified Wasabi Peas?

Wasabi peas are dried/crunchy peas covered in Wasabi. They are gaining popularity here in Texas, but I cannot find them with a kashrut symbol anywhere.

Can anyone help?

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  1. There is a kosher nut and dried fruits store on the lower east side. That is the only place I have seen the wasabi peas kosher. Next time I am in there I will ask who the manufacture is.

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      Here's the details on HG's good tip. I met Danny Kadouri at Kosherfest, he is sweeter than a fresh date, I'm nuts for the guy! But when's his place on Hester reopening???


      Kadouri International Foods Inc.
      234 Starr St.
      Brooklyn NY 11237
      Phone: 718-381-6100
      Fax: 718-381-8103
      e-mail: kadouri@KadouriFoods.com

      Danny Kadouri

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        Thanks Guys. I talked to Danny K (super-nice guy) and he said that he was currently unable to get certified Wasabi peas.

        Any other ideas?

      2. I really don't know if these peas exsist in a kosher form but I betcha their easy to make...just dip FRESH peas in an egg white coating and roll in a mixture of fine breadcrumbs and wasabi powder. Boil peanut oil and lower into pot w/ a "spider" -- one of those cool asian cooking tools. They'll be great! Probably a lot easier than finding these things! If you really want to find the packaged one's, pose your question to the people at www.kosherdepot.com -- a great site that Sharon L. posted on this site recently.

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          Stephanie Weisfogel

          do you know where to get kosher truffle oil

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            I bet you could do the same thing with the frozen fava beans available in Chinese supermarkets.

          2. dan-d-pak makes kosher asian crackers including one with kosher wasabi peas in it.

            1. Just reviving to let everyone know that Fairway has wasabi green peas certified by the O-K. It's under their private label. The 125th Street store definitely has them. I don't know about the others.

              1. Can you tell me what Fairway is or what the full name is? Do they have a website? I don't live in Ny....

                1. Fairway is a very trendy full service market chain in NY. They carry both Kosher & Non-Kosher products and have four locations in NY. Their website is:

                  Good luck.

                  1. I saw Kosher Wasabi Edamame beans (dry, not frozen) at Gourmet Glatt in the Five Towns. I don't recall the brand, but I have seen this brand at Brachs in Lawrence.

                    1. Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Wasabi Flavored Edamame is under the OK and may be what you saw at Gourmet Glatt (I know my wife must have gotten it somewhere on LI).

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                        You are right, PapaT, that is the brand that I saw.

                      2. Here's a great recipe that is easy and very tasty, and the ingredients are easily findable kosher-style. The key is the slow & low baking process. Too much fried food in our lives, these are light and you can adjust the amount of wasabi to your mouth/sinus's tolerance.


                        1. Duh. Forgot what I was munching on right now. These guys are great! A family business from NJ (go Kosher!!) that has a ton of great nuts. I love their oriental mix as well, but these wasabi peas are spicy and great! Plus, the price is quite remarkable for the amount you get.


                          If you are looking for a local source, perhaps you should check with a chinese grocery in your area. They might stock some good stuff.

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                              I bought a bag of Stone Mountain brand, certified by the OK at the Jack's 99c store near Penn Station.