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Dec 30, 2003 02:09 PM

South Beach Diet - recipes -- meal ideas

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Just convinced my hubby (and myself :) to start this diet... looks like a decent, "for life" type of doable thing.... now am looking for some good meal ideas -- recipes -- that fit the "South Beach Diet" bill... (am at phase I for those familiar with it)
That would be no starch, fruit, corn, potatoes, -- vegetables,lean meats and all fish ok. (olive oil, canola and peanut oil ok. nuts ok. chick peas ok. soy ok...)
Oh, and we don't eat any dairy... so that makes it all the more challenging.

any tips -- appreciated!


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  1. Hi Sara,

    If you're looking for general (non-kosher-specific) recipes for this diet, please repost on the General Topics board. (We usually ask for diet and nutrition questions to go on the Not About Food board, but recipe requests go on the General Topics board.) That board has a much wider group of participants, so if you repost there, you'll get a lot more suggestions than you will on this board. If you're asking for kosher recipes for the South Beach diet, however, this is the right place to ask. Please either post here and let us know you're looking specifically for kosher recipes, or repost on the General Topics board and we'll delete this thread.

    Sorry about this; we know it's very confusing, and unfortunately our outdated software doesn't allow us to simply redirect posts to the proper board. We just want to make sure you get the best responses possible!


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      Yes -- that is just what I am looking for... gourmet "kosher" recipes and ideas for breakfast lunch and supper -- that do not have flour, sugar, corn or potatoes in 'em... there ARE many SBD recipes out there -- but there are so many non-kosher ingredients included ... that is why I put this post up.

      1. re: Sara
        Minty Rosenhouse

        Lox and Eggs

        Steak and Broiled Tomatoes

        Chicken, sauteed with garlic, artichoke hearts, spinach and mushrooms


        hamburger patties with sauteed musrooms and broccali

      2. re: The Chowhound Team

        looking for kosher recipes for the south beach diet.Especially parve desert recipes.

        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          can you eat pickles on phase 1 ???

          1. re: Courtney

            You can only eat sour/dill pickles; no sweet pickles or relish for that matter

        2. Dear Sara, i too am just starting the south beach diet. I need help with meal idea's. I do have the book but i don't feel my husband would like some of the entree's. I hope you have some insight that may help us. Thanks nd good luck to you. peggy