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Dec 28, 2003 02:17 AM

Kosher vis-a-vis Mad cow / BSE

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Why does the chowhound team deem this issue to be out of place here ?

I've been trying to figure out if a NY Times (quoting experts) caution this past week that salami & hotdogs may be riskier than other meats, holds true with kosher meat as well.

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  1. Hi Koshermaven,

    the purpose of the kosher board is only for the swapping of kosher chow tips, for seeking out kosher deliciousness, and we'd like to keep it focused on that, so that other people in search of good food can find it, just like one can find the appropriate book in the appropriate section of the library.

    We've designated the Not About Food board as the catch-all for issues that are not directly food related and that is where discussions on health and nutritional issues belong (although do remember that as chowish as we are, we may not be experts in medical issues). Please help us in keep our boards organized by discussing the appropriate topics on the appropriate board. If you have futher questions etc.., please continue on the Site Talk Board where we cover issues specific to this website.

    Thank you!