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Dec 12, 2003 11:13 AM

Shabbes Lunch Ideas

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Hi Gang. I'm new to the site and really love it! Great discussion.

My wife and I love to entertain on Shabbes, but have run out of ideas. We do the cholent, deli meat, kugels, and green salads - now we are looking for something a little different. Any ideas and/or recipes?

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  1. Instead of cholent, make a big pot of chili. It keeps well on a blech, and is very filling. It's a total hit whenever we serve it.

    Also, braised short ribs (flanken), stew - beef or lamb. These also keep well on the blech. I'm making a beef stew for tomorrow.

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      Add a half cup of caberenet wine to your basic cholent recipe. Ooh la la...very French!

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        Another good alternative to Cholent is soup (only works in a crockpot- not with a blech). The key is to use hearty recipes. I have made both black bean soup and minnestrone. They usually come out great.

        Also, we have been making different salads to help spice up Shabbos lunch. One favorite is Chinese chicken salad from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook (one tip: baby spinach is a great addition).

      2. Our family loves doing the dip thing... after the fish...
        (challah and:)
        Spinach dip
        Tomato dip (charif)
        Olive dip

        and always open to other recipes/dip ideas...