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Dec 10, 2003 06:58 AM

A week to eat in New York

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I am coming to New York from london, England for a week in February, based in Brooklyn. In London we literally have only a handful of kosher places to eat.

I want to use my eating time as efficiently as possible, so am looking for good eateries, child friendly and probably informal (as we have a 3 yr old and a baby) both dairy and meaty (glatt).

Shamash and other restaurant websites are a bit out of date, so I am looking to you guys to steer me in the right direction !!

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  1. >>literally have only a handful of kosher places to eat.<<

    You either have a huge hand, or these must be tiny tiny restaurants.


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      One suggestion about Tevere - it is fantastic, but hardly a kid-friendly place. It's pretty small. Great food.

    2. In Brooklyn for dairy try Cafe K on Ave K off of Coney Island Ave, I think they have another Cafe K on 18th Ave, but I'm not sure. Simple, but tasty pastas and fish, and the price is right. For meat in Brooklyn try Mabat on East 8th off Kings Hwy. the best shish kebob.
      In Manahattan you should try Tavere for Italian (meat)and Le Marais for steaks.

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      1. re: LittleWave

        Great suggestions, LittleWave! Your tastebuds rock!

      2. Olympic Pita, in Brooklyn, on Coney Island Ave between Aves J and K. Great Israeli-type food, very kid-friendly (not so adult-friendly, but the food makes up for the attitude...).

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          I'm not a big fan of Olympic, Famous Pita is better.

        2. DOUGIES!!!
          They have branches in Manhattan Brooklyn and Queens.