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Dec 9, 2003 06:57 PM


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At my local kosher market all the chicken is marked "glatt kosher" and then half the chicken is marked "Lubivitch", half with another name. Why? Or who? Would that be Rebbe Lubivitch?

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  1. A chicken marked "Lubavitch" or has is marked "Crown Heights Kosher" means that the chicken was slaughtered by a schochet (a ritual slaughterer) who is trained with special requirements as determined by Chabad-Lubavitch custom. One of the requirements of every Chabad schochet is that they must spend time reading the Tanya, a holy book of mysticism and philosophy that serves as that chassidic sects' treatise. Rest assured,the meat is also Glatt kosher (in most cases it is the lungs that are checked for questionable kashrus issues).

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