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Dec 6, 2003 01:54 PM

Fudge Cake from Marcy Goldman's Book--Clarissa?

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I posted a while back seeking a source for good kosher (non-dairy cake and frosting recipes. Clarissa responded that she liked the Double Fudge Cake from Marcy Goldman's book--I've stopped at 2 Barnes and Noble stores in the past week and neither had the book. I'd prefer not to buy (I know, I know, I should--so if anybody would be willing to share the recipe, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. (Clarissa did not include her email address, so I can't ask her directly.)

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  1. m
    Marion Morgenthal

    I've made the cake several times--it's very good. It's on the web a number of times--just google "double fudge gelt" and you'll get a bunch of responses. Here's a link to one of them.


    1. Just checked in and saw this. Looks like Marion Morgenthal has given you a link to the recipe. It's a good one, although I usually tinker a bit, adding some coffee and changing a few other things.

      Good luck with it.