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Dec 4, 2003 07:46 PM

kosher restaurants/take out in san francisco

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Can anyone recommend a good fleishig restaurant in san francisco (downtown area) and good take-out for Shabbat?

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    Bill (Dallas)

    Just inside the ornamental gates to Chinatown in SFO, there is a second floor cafe named Sabra. I believe it is under Chabad supervision. Basic Israeli food (hummus, falafel, pita, grilled meats). Not much in the "decor" department. Take out for shabbos is okay.

    Additionally, there is another Israeli cafe downtown. Can't recall name or address. It is about two blocks off of Union Square. Suggest you call Chabad of SFO for name/address. This place is nicer in decor.

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      The restaurant downtown, is 'This Is It' on Geary Street. Decent, so I'm told, but questionable hashgacha.