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Nov 20, 2003 09:43 AM

flavoring of honey cake from israel

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i bought an osem holiday honey cake the other day at Kalustyan (the international foods store in manhattan's curry hill). i knew it would probably be old, but i like stale honey cake. well, the cake was awesome if dry. the texture refined and the flavor was really full and i wonder if that's from the kind of honey they use or from additional flavorings added. i detected strong floral notes (orange blossom or rosewater flavors). does anyone know if flavor waters are ever added to traditional israeli honeycakes?

by the way, kalustyan carries a ton of israel products. especially sweets: lots of elite chocolates as well as "chocolat" for spreading on bread. i have known the manager for almost decades and he habitually greats me with "ma nishma?". :)


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  1. While I can't answer what's in Osem's honey cake, I did want to add that Associated Supermarket on Park &22 also carries these for only $2.99. They also have the Chocolate and Marble cakes plus other Israeli products displayed with a little Israeli flag on top of their display. Somebody up at Associated likes us!

    Also, Aziz is the name of the the "Ma Nishma" guy. Next time you see him tell him Amy and Zev send a big ol' hello.

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    1. re: amy t.

      yes, it is aziz. he is so sweet!!

      anyway, now that you have mentioned an alternative in the nabe, i guess i have to point out that the prices at kalustyan are probably about twice the associated's for these items. still shopping at kalustyan's is a great experience despite the prices.

      next time you are there, try the kosher honey-nut bars from canada (they're with the chocolate bars usually). they are flavored with orange blossom water and are really AWESOME. (i don't usually like the canadian nut/seed bars.) the best ones were almond-cranberry but they haven't had those for months. i generally settle for the plain almonds one. (if associated carries them, it would be a pleasant surprise..)

      1. re: epicure-us

        Do you mean the nougat bars similar to the ones I can no longer eat in Little Italy? (boo hoo). The one's at Kalustyan's are kosher B"H, they are kickin!!!

        Have you checked out the kosher area beneath Healthy Pleasures downtown -- their prices are very fair. They have the best Crispy Roast Chicken! Okay, I'd better fly...have a peaceful shabbat.