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Nov 16, 2003 09:23 PM

Parve Pumpkin Pie

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My wife is looking for a recipe for a parve pumpkin pie. Can anyone help?

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  1. we just make the pie as directed and used soy milk in place of regular cow's milk. I find that vanilla flavored milk tastes better if you have a choice. yes you can do this with the off the can recipie -

    you can make your own pie crust with crisco or parve margerine or use the old stand by orenoko orchards frozen. pie crust is really "as easy as pie to do"

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    1. re: sarah

      Non-dairy creamer is another option instead of milk.

      1. re: Tina

        for some reason parve dairy creamer seems to have the mouth feel of motor oil - my mother uses it for her pumpkin pies.. I have found that i prefer to use the soy milks..

      2. re: sarah

        For the record - the pie crust brand that Sarah refers to is "Oronoque" and it is an excellent frozen pie crust. It comes in regular and deep dish versions and comes with an extra crust so you can make two pies from one package: a regular (e.g. apple) and a single-crust (e.g. pumpkin).

      3. There are so many soy milk options out there. Any suggestions on particular brands?

        Also, I've noticed that a lot of the soy milk is certified pareve (Dairy Equipment). What are the implications of that for my pie/meal? If I recall, that means that I have to make the pie using dairy utensils, serve in on dairy plates, but that we don't have to wait to eat it. Is that right? I'm a little fuzzy on this point.

        Any suggestions on a brand that is simply pareve?

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          ZenSoy - which is found in the refrigerator section and Eden Soy - which is in a tetrapak are both parve. There are other brands as well.

          Another option for the pumpkin pie crust is a graham cracker shell. You can easily make one in the food processor - crush up the graham crackers and add melted margerine. Or you can buy them.

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          Gifted Gourmet

          Two personal notes on this pumpkin pie preparation:

          I now use a new pareve Mrs. Smith's pieshell made of crispy shortbread and love the results! ... it is certified by OU ...

          and, for the filling, I use a combination of Coffee Rich mixed with a bit of water ... but also add kosher brandy, which enlivens the flavor ... I think that "cuts" the oiliness ...