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Nov 7, 2003 01:29 PM

Pre-paid Friday / Shabbat Dinner

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I'll be in New York City on the weekend of November 21st. Can anyone suggest a place where i can get a pre-paid glatt kosher Friday night dinner in Manhattan?

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    uncle moishy

    East side or west side? I have seen ads or website info regarding prepaid shabbat dinners from a number of kosher restaurants lately. My memory's not too good, but if I remember correctly, they include Darna and Levana on the upper west side, Park Grill East on the east side, maybe the Box Tree (midtown east) too. One other possibility: there is a morrocan place on 3rd Av & 11 St that just opened an upper east side branch. They may also do prepaid, but like I said, you can't trust my memory (can't even remember the name of the place!)

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      Talia's Steakhouse on the Upper West Side (Amsterdam Ave.) is offering prepaid meal's (Fri. dinner/Sat.lunch) as part of a singles shabbaton the weekend of the them for more info...


    2. Try the Park East Grill - 1564 2nd Ave (between E. 81st & E. 82nd) (212) 717-8400. They have Friday Prepaid Dinners.

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