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Nov 6, 2003 08:30 AM

kosher thanksgiving

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hi all,

i have been a lurker up until now and have rather enjoyed sifting through all your great chow recommendations. however, i am currently faced with a food dilemma i'm hoping you can help me with:

i need a kosher caterer or restaurant that will be able to provide me with side dishes and possibly dessert for turkey day. by kosher, i mean strictly kosher--not "kosher-style"--so everything must be dairy-free since turkey will also be served.

i personally do not keep kosher and am actually extremely skeptical about the quality available ( i have only had luck with kosher middle eastern places and had an extremely negative experience with the very posh Shallots in nyc last passover). at any rate, if anyone knows of somewhere reasonably affordable with decent food, i would be eternally grateful! if possible, i'd like to be able to serve traditional dishes but am open to non-traditional options if the food is really good!

thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Visit the webside of Talia's Steakhouse & Bar: Great quality food.
    Talia's offers traditional and non-traditional
    Thanksgiving meals. Talia's Steakhouse is a Glatt Kosher restaurant/caterer under the OK Lab Supervision. ( Talia's Steakhouse is located at 688 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY.
    You may contact Talia's by phone: 212-580-3770

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      When I was a student at Queens College, Dougie's BBQ, which is strictly Kosher-- Queens is under Va'ad HaRabonim of Queens, did a fine job from turkey to stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. when we had an ecumenical pre-Thanksgiving celebration.

      Dougie's has branches in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Teaneck and their website with contact info is

      1. re: Tina

        My pick every year for T'giving takeout... "Gourmet On J" all the way! Very strict hashgacha and super selection. In Flatbush on Avenue J and easy to get to by subway -- enjoy!

        1. re: amy t.
          Chef Boyardee

          Save money and call Mauzone in Queens and ask them to prepare your entire dinner for you. Priced right and always tastes great..718 274-1100

    2. Some ideas, though all of these may be pricey as compared to Dougie's and its ilk:

      Levana: You can have something in this restaurant's private room, and I belive they cater off-site as well. I think they'd do a pretty good job of this, but for a price.
      141 W. 69th St.
      New York, NY 10023
      Phone (212) 877-8457

      Lou G. Siegel's: I've been at non-kosher events where Lou G. Siegel's catered for the kosher people, and while I would not describe their food as remarkable, it was fresh and done well - except for desserts, which seemed a bit stale, like they had been picked up from a bakery the day before. I have no idea what price range they'd be in.
      Lou G. Siegel's

      Abigael's: Like Levana, Abigael's is a good restaraunt with private rooms that also does off-site catering, and like Levana they're not going to be cheap.
      1407 Broadway
      New York, NY
      (212) 575-1407

      1. I would vote no on Mauzone. their food tastes like mediocre barmitzvah food. this is the food my mother in law serves us regularly -

        If you are in manhattan i would try Kosher marketplace - 212-580-6378

        they just came out with a thanksgiving menu prices are between 6.95 and 8.95 for prepared food. i have not eaten it but folks I know who are serious cooks have mentioned that they like their prepared food.

        You may also want to look at the basement of healthy pleasures just a few blocks north -

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        1. re: sarah
          Chef Boyardee

          I question your taste. You've obviously not had David Itzkowitz at Mauzone ever make you a fresh turkey or cater for you. Quite a bit better than your suggestions...

          1. re: Chef Boyardee

            No, I have not had their made to order food. I have eaten their rotisserie chickens and spinach and potato kugels regularly since 1982 - when I ate my first meal at my in laws. I have also eaten some of their catered meals It just isn't food i would go out of my way for.. It IS better than the meal mart meals I was given in the hospital... but not that much better. I will say that their food is consistant. I will say that it has kept my in laws alive. I wouldn't put Mauzone on my list of great food.

            I'm a pretty serious cook and care a great deal about food. Mauzone rates about a -B in my book. As I said - i haven't eaten the kosher marketplace prepared food - but they are serving a persnickety crowd...