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Nov 4, 2003 11:40 AM

best food in Queens NY (pizza too)

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I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about the best restaurants in Queens. I have lived there for the past 7 years and I have found that most of the restaurants are reasonably priced. I find though, that most times I want to go out to eat I end up in the Five towns or Manhattan. Any thoughts?

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    uncle moishy

    I live in Brooklyn, so I don't really know much. But the one place in Queens that I do frequent semi-regularly is Chosen Garden on 108 St. It's not head & shoulders above other kosher chinese, but it has a sushi bar, which we like (the sushi menu includes some funny misprints) and it's never disappointed.

    Tried Hapisgah once on someone's recommendation; wasn't impressed.

    Also, depending on where in Queens you are, you might find Great Neck convenient. If so, I like the Bistro Grill (v. good french but v. exensive) and Colbeh got some good notices on this board not too long ago.

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    1. re: uncle moishy

      For Israeli Fleishig - white tablecloth: Pninat Hamizrach on Union Tpke and about 178th St.

      Israeli fastfood: Pita Hot on Main St. about 2 blocks north of Union Tpke

      Chinese: Annie's Restaurant (I believe that's the name) on Union Tpke by 193rd St (opposite Cunningham Pk)-- nice, sit-down, reasonable prices, varied cuisine, sit-down separate sushi bar (same owner as Annie's Kitchen on Main St)

      Falafel: Naomi's on Main St. near Supersol, Pizza is good too

      Persian: Colbeh on Main St. also by Supersol

      Pizza: if you're into made-to-order pizza which is fluffy and airy, unlike a typical pizza, try Pizza Professor right of off Main St. on Jewel Ave. A great bonus about this place is that it's open from 11am to 2am

      1. re: Tina

        I've only eaten at annies kitchen on main street and it is pretty low on my chow hound meter - the food is fair at best.actualy the food reminds me of a grade one of my least favorite israeli teachers once gave me - kim'at tov minus. the service is terrible verging on nasty. it is an alltogether awful experience eating there.the place is small and the atmosphere is oppressive.

        Pita hot is low on the visual/ambiance scale but the food is great.

        we have had wonderful meals at bhuddah bodai near booth memorial hospital(it is in between booth memorial and downtown flushing) - the food is astonishingly good. it is an all veggie hong kong restaurant - there are no anumal products served - everyhting is fake,fake shrimp, fake chicken fake fish, fake jelly fish, fake ham soup fake lobser (arranged on the plate to loook like the real thing)service is gracious and the food is some of the best I've ever eaten it's interesting and just delicious- it looks like a dive on the outside but it is pretty lovely inside.

        the hechsher is from someone from torah v'das, I think.

        1. re: sarah

          Buddha Bodai was one of my favorite places, as a former QC student. I used to take the 7 from work, place my order from the subway, and then walk from Roosevelt down to Buddha Bodai, pick up my food and hop on the bus. Where else can you get a decent sized lunch for $3.75 these days? Great selection!

          The rabbi, Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg, says he's a musmach of Torah V'Daas and "Chaver B'Igud HaRabonim D'Amerika." [The Igud is supposed to be The Rabbinical Alliance of America and he's supposed to be an Executive Board Member]. But the problem is the teuda hasn't be changed in quite a few years-- I'm looking at a menu that was stuffed in my kitchen drawer which states at the top of the menu (note transliteration) "B'vracha V'Shalom Chaf"Alef Tamuz Tav Shin Nun" Tet [5759]" Please note everybody that it is currently 5764! I do know some professors and rabbis that ate there, and a member of CompSci dept., who is Chinese, asked specifically about the preparation of food and types utilized.

          On the other hand, I assume that many rabbis in Queens wouldn't like their congregants to go there, as it isn't supervised by the Vaad HaRabonim of Queens (VHQ). I've got to look something up, cause I don't want to post something and get it wrong.

          If you want to get in contact w/Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg, here's a phone number that I found, Under Strict Orthodox Rabbinical Supervision
          Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg

          1. re: sarah

            Before commenting on the Chinese place on Union Tpke, go check it out...I've had an enjoyable experience everytime that I'm there. It's very different than Main St., which looks and feels like a college hang-out. Union Tpke one is nice, real sit-down, tablecloths, etc.

            Go and enjoy! Some great sushi too, if you're into it.

            1. re: sarah

              try Habustan on Union Turnpike and 188th Street, open for dinner only(part of Bagels & Co.)good service, food(diary)is very good, price is reasonable, portions are large(two can share one dish) and the ambience is Manhattan like

            2. re: Tina

              I am a consistant eater at Pninat Hamizrach. Usually start off with excellent and reliably fresh sushi. I then go on to have the house steaks or the bison steaks. Overall, it is a quality and delicious kosher restaurant in Queens. You Must Try It out, especially with their $6.00 Lunch special meals.

          2. Are there any good kosher restaurants or dining establishments in the NY Metropolitan area, that are near a beach or have good water views, that would be good for a 65th birthday party with about 30 people?