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Jan 7, 2004 02:44 PM

Panzerotti in the Bay area?

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I am from Chicagoland and have been craving a Panzerotti like back home. I live in the City and don't recall ever seeing it on any menus out here. Anyone know where I can get one? The ones I use to eat were about the size of a small pizza, folded in half and deep fried (like a deep fried calzone). Of course my favorite place in Chicagoland is now gone.

Any suggestions welcome.

Denise in SF

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  1. when i think "Chicago" i think of this place:

    Moishe's Pippic. no idea if they have what you want, but you might find other things from home.


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    1. re: mbharrin

      I have never seen it offered outside of Italy. If you are in Milan or London try Luinis

      1. re: screwatkins

        There are no panzerotti's at Moshies, I am sad to report. Though they do have authentic Vienna Beef hot dogs.

        You can find panzerotti's in a few places in Chicagoland but not many. There is an Italian deli that sells them.

        I did a quick Google search and found a bunch of places in Toronto, which won't help me.


    2. I've never heard of these.

      1. it's because on the west coast they're called 'CALZONES' - yes stupid I know. They also aren't half as good as the east coast 'panzerotti' unfortunately.