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Oct 12, 2003 10:09 PM

really good cheese

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Does anyone know a source of really good kosher cheese by mail? All we have in Baltimore is the standard packaged supermarket brands. Does anyone make real bleu cheese? Jarlsberg? sharp cheddar? etc. etc.

Thanks -

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  1. There's a brand called Monsey Dairy. They have Cheddar, Horseradish and used to make Blue Cheese under another brand name.
    The following company is making lots of interesting cheeses and is supposed to be at Kosherfest this year:

    Maybe you could ask a store to stock their products.
    If a friend is traveling to Tzfat, ask her to bring you back some yummy stinky cheese from "the Cheese Lady" in the Kikar!!!! Good luck!

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      Thanks, Amy for the cheese information. But what, when and where is "Kosherfest"?

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        It's a 4-day(?) trade show/extravaganza of kosher food. There are major food/wine companies and smaller ones represented. There are also random things like large companies that specialize in special flavorings for large food production and more. The show is produced every year by Integrated Marketing in New York, they specialize in the kosher market. This year the show (held annually) is at the Javits Center. There are lectures, workshops and way too many giveaways -- I came home with a year's supply of candy and other munchies. If you've ever marveled at the scene in Willy Wonka where Gene Wilder opens the door to the chocolate/candy room for all of the kids to see for the first time, it's sort of like that. At least it is for me! I'll be there.

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          I am looking for kosher wholsale cheeses on the west coast. I need help. Any ideas?

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        tillamook dairy makes nice kosher cheddar cheese that you can buy in LA....i don't know where elses it can be found...

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          Yes, I can get Tillamook cheddar at Whole Foods (formerly Fresh Fields) in Baltimore, and presumably any other of their stores. It's good!