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Aug 27, 2003 05:45 PM

Dallas Texas Kosher Restaurants

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The Vaad HaKashrus of Dallas (a/k/a Dallas Kosher) supervises the following:
1. Cafe Fino (pizza, pasta, etc.) Milchig
2. Madras Pavillon (Indian vegetarian) Milchig
3. Falafel Express (Morrocean grill) Fleishig
4. Coffee at the J (Starbucks & pastries-JCC) Milchig
5. Gooey's (frozen yoghurt, etc.) Milchig

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    stuart rosenblum

    Please supply phone #s for kosher resteraunts. Please e-mail to

    Thank you!

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      i will be in dallas for a day can you please give me phone #'s of some kosher resteraunts