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Gefelte Fish made from Canned Tuna Recipe?

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  • Irwin Koval Aug 10, 2003 06:50 PM
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My Mother used to prepare "Gefelte Fish" from a recipe she had taken years ago from a NYC newspaper from canned tuna. The Gefelte Fish, at least in my memory, tasted as good or better then what's available frozen, in jars or canned sold commercially. The reason for my recipe request, is that a friend is attempting to prepare dishes, under a tight budget for the Holidays at a Orthrodox Temple this year, and remembers how good my mothers tasted. Any suggestions?

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  1. Irwin,
    Check this one out:

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      DeisCane: Thank you for the recipe. Tried it, doesen't have the Tzum, it's more like the Sweetened type of Gefilte Fish. I'll play around try to adjust it, but hope some one finds the original recipe. Thanks again. Irwin

    2. Here are the results of a google search. I haven't tried any of these:







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        Nancy: I made a search of "Google", before posting my inquiry. None of the recipes I found were similar to what i'm searching for. I did come across a very good Gefelte Fish recipe that had been posted by you, via Google. The one that i'm hoping to find had been published in a NY newspaper, i've searched newspaper archives, including Newsday and most others, but her recipe was from the 1970's or so, i'll have to improvise. Thanks for your assistance. Irwin

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          I would like a recipes for canned gefelte fish. I would also like to know if there is a caserole recipe for canned gefelte fish.

      2. I am not jewish, BUT i am trying this recipe. Sounds delicious and i will post again to let you all know how it turns out.


        1. I am not jewish, BUT i am trying this recipe. Sounds delicious and i will post again to let you all know how it turns out.


          1. Hi Irwin, I know this is 11 yrs later, but I just saw this thread and I came across this recipe. They say it's from 1963, so might it be what you're looking for?


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              Using this recipe, you could also fry up patties of the fish mix, to get a tuna version of the fried gefilte fish (aka chopped and fried) that's ubiquitous among Jews in the U.K.

              Not as good as made with fresh fish, but yummy nevertheless less. Add some chopped green onion too.