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Jul 23, 2003 05:01 PM

Beverly Hills Vicinity Kosher Places

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Any good kosher chow you can turn me onto?

I'm going to be traveling to Beverly Hills
(BH, hee hee)and was wondering if there are any places that are worth trying out? (Restaurants/Joints).

I'll be near the Pico/Robertson area only. Any suggestions?

Thank you!!!


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  1. Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausages at 8930 W. Pico.

    It's not fancy, but they're really good.


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      Thanks for EVERYONE'S suggestions...I really appreciate it! Lots to try!

      Amy T.

    2. The best Kosher restaurant in Los Angeles is the Magic Carpet, a Yemenite place on Pico just east of La Cienega. You should try hard to eat there while in town. Excellent cornish hen, melawach (Yemenite pizza), stuffed squash (vegetarian and meat varieties), stuffed cabbage (ditto), rice with lentils, and lots more.

      Magic Carpet is at the eastern end of a 1-1/2 mile strip along Pico that has dozens of Kosher places. Toward the western end are the twins Nagila Meating Place and Nagila Pizza, both pretty good (very good salad selection at Nagila Pizza). These 3 are my favorites but there are lots more, including a well-regarded Persian/Chinese place whose real name is Kolah Farangi but most people know it as "Kabob and Chinese"-- IMO the Persian food is better than the Chinese. Haifa Restaurant is not bad. Some are big fans of Pico Kosher Deli, and on the dairy side Milky Way has its advocates (but it may be better known because Steven Spielberg's mom runs the place).

      1. The Fish Grill (pareve - I think) has sawdust floors and great food at a low price. Or you can try Pat's (meat) as well as La Gondola (meat), both on the pricier side. I don't have the addresses for any of those places, but they are all listed and in the area.

        1. There are tons of delicious places to eat in that area.
          You can try:
          -Kabob and Chinese Food- A wide variety of scrumptious Iranian food. I myself am Iranian, and it tastes just like home cooking! And I am also a great fan of their chinese food!!!
          -Nagila Pizza and Nagila Meating place- Pizza on one half and on the other half there is hambergurs and delicious Israeli food.
          - Jeffs Gourmet- They have great Sausage!!!
          - Pats- Great steaks and stuff!