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Jul 16, 2003 10:43 PM

Take-Out Places in Brooklyn

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I'm looking for some good take-out places in Brooklyn.I usually frequent Gourmet on J or Negev, on Avenue J; Chap-a-Nosh on Avenue M; or Flatbush Kosher on Coney Island Avenue between J & K. These are all good places to supplement my own Shabbos cooking, but I'd like to try someplace new for a change. If possible, I'd like it to be a place where the food is tasty, and a little creative, and the display doesn't look all dried out, like it was sitting there forever. It doesn't have to be in Flatbush.
Any suggestions? If possible, I'd appreciate some replies before my Thursday pre-Shabbos shopping spree.

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  1. Try Landau's, on 18th Ave near the F train stop on McDonald. My standard contribution to pot-luck shabbat dinners is a variety of Landau's kugels, and nobody has ever complained :-)

    You might also want to try Mountain Fruit, though I've never tried their take-away section myself, so I can't comment from experience.

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      I like Mountain Fruit's cole slaw. But their other stuff looks too "brown" ...heimish but it's just brown food.

    2. I have heard others recommend Tov Umaitiv, which is on the corner of Nostrand Av and Avenue M, although the one time I got something there, it didn't impress me much one way or the other.

      Personally, I like Gourmet on J a lot.

      1. For the greatest Syrian food (Lahmagene, Kibbe, etc.) try SEUDAH on Kings Highway (across from Jerusalem Glatt Market). It ain't cheap but it's worth every penny. Their sesame chicken rocks!

        Shabbat shalom,

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        1. re: Amy T.

          Where on Kings Highway is Seudah located? (between what streets?)

          1. re: Barbara


            Here's the stat's:

            705 King's Highway
            Flatbush (SY-Land!)


            Amy T.