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Jul 13, 2003 11:12 AM

restaurant suggestions- florida, ny

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Hi.. my husband and I will be visiting NY and Fl (Fort Lauderdale area) for a delayed honeymoon. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on unique kosher places that don't cost an arm and a leg. We're from Canada and are looking for something other than a pizza place (which abound here...). Thanks!

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  1. In Brooklyn, visit Olympic Pita (Coney Is Ave btwn J&K), Cafe K (Ave K just east of Coney Is Ave, or 18th Ave at about E4St), Cafe Renaissance (Kings Hwy and about E8th), and get takeaway from Pita Corner (Ave P, one block east of the F train).

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      These are great suggestions- thank you! And you're right, of course, we will be in Manhatten as well. Anybody else have some ideas?

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        I second RachelMolly's suggestions of Circa-NY (I think there are 3 of them in Manhattan, plus one in Brooklyn), and the Indian strip on Lex between 27 and 28. Personally, I prefer Madras Mahal over Pongal, and I steer clear of the two with the hechsher of Rabbi Israel Meir Steinberg (details in email, if you really want to hear it).

        Also in that part of town, Mr Broadway is worth trying at least once. With four different menus, you're sure to find *something* you like, and I've never found anything there to be bad. I particularly like their hot and sour soup, and while I wouldn't swear by their claim to have the best shwarma in town, it ain't bad. On the other hand, their prices are a bit more than you'll find elsewhere - nothing outrageous, though. And if you're going out with a large group, this is definitely the place to go - they've got lots of room.

        Elsewhere in Manhattan, I like the food at Village Crown, but the service is bad to very bad, and the one item on the menu that I'd advise you *not* to get is the lamb tagine. If you want a good lamb tagine go to Darna, but you were looking for inexpensive, and Darna isn't that.

        This isn't worth a trip just for its own sake, but if you find yourself in the Village/Chelsea area, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the Penguin Cafe on 15th St near 8th Ave. (I haven't been there in several years, so for all I know it may be long gone, but last I heard it was still there.) Despite the name, it's actually an Israeli fleishig place. The proprietress is a lovely Israeli lady, the food is good, and the prices definitely low. This is *not* a place to bring a large group, however - IIRC it seats about 6 or 8, tops.

        On the Upper West Side, you could get take-away from Gan Asia and have a picnic in Central Park, perhaps. I rarely have occasion to be in that part of town myself, but I've heard good things about the food.

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          I went to penguin once with my 3 kids at lunch time. They were awful to us. The kept serving people who had come in long after we did, and not bringing us our food. My son was reduced to tears. it took nearly 45 minutes to produce a simple order. they were nasty about it too.

          We have gone to talia's steak house a couple of times. The restaurant is still getting it's sea legs but the food is good.


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            I am trying to ascertain whether or not Zen Palate in Long Island is kosher to the standards my family requires. I am a bit confused by the whole process and especially by Rabbi Meir Steinberg's affiliations can you please state your issues and where you received these facts? It would be a tremendous help for this Rosh HaShana.
            Thank you. Sincerely, TE

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              Why do you steer clear of the hechsher of Rabbi Israel Meir Steinberg?

        2. You'll probably also be in Manhattan (though those Brooklyn recommendations were top notch for good food that doesn't cost an arm and leg).

          So, in Manhattan, go to Circa. It could be pricey just for lunch, but it's high quality. Salad bar, sushi, hot entrees.

          Caravan of Dreams and Organic Grill, both downtown, are great. Their hechkshers are OKS and Tablet-K respectively, so you'd have to check if you "hold by them." Tasty food!

          Kosher Indian food on Lexington and 28th (there are a few...Madras Mahal, Pongal, and another) also tasty and not too expensive.

          1. Hi!. We're looking for Kosher restaurant recommendations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and where to get meals to order and prepay for Shabbat while in Miami. Thanks, and we appreciate your suggestions and information . Lori .

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              Ft Laud doesn't really have much, but cities like Plantation and Coral Springs have a ton of places in strip centers. Hollywood also. A Prime Grill--great NYC steakhouse--just opened in Aventura and is the best place in Miami. Terrace Oceanside in Golden Beach is also nice. For cheap eats, Pita Loca on 6th street in Miami Beach is good. Good luck.

              1. re: DeisCane
                s.m. koppelman

                For basic Israeli middle eastern in the Fort Lauderdale suburbs, Tel Aviv in Sunrise (NW 44th St. and Pine Island) is very good. I'm a big fan of their shawarma and salads. They use terrific locally-made pitas. Zero decor. The grocery of the same name next door has a great selection of Israeli groceries and a good variety of olives, pickles and bulk spices.

                The adjacent 11-screen movie theater isn't a bad way to duck in from the heat and rain if need be while you're in the area; they show a lot of mainstream art-house films.

                I prefer them readily over the nearby Netanya Gourmet grocery (Pine Island north of Oakland Park Blvd.), which has a counter that makes pita sandwiches and the like to go. Not bad, but generally forgettable.

                1. re: s.m. koppelman

                  had decent meal last spring at pinaty sheridan blvd. off i-95

                2. re: DeisCane
                  ben wernikoff

                  looking for a kosher deli in Hollywood,Sunrise or Plantation. Please respond asap