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vegetarian oyster sauce

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I am searching for a kosher vegetarian oyster sauce with a hechsher. I'm sure that anything called oyster sauce wouldn't have a hechsher even if it is vegetarain, but is there anything with a different name? I purchased something in Israel, but i am unable to get it in the states. I've made it from scratch, but I would prefer something that is already prepared.

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  1. If we tell you Sharon, will you serve it at 2nd Avenue?


    (Sorry, wish I knew. Just wanted to give a shout out to your place).

    1. Maybe the folks at VP-3 on Mott Street would know?

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        Have asked the folks at VP-3 on Mott Street. They had no clue...

      2. There's no kosher oyster sauce...unfortunatly even FISH sauce often contains shrimp so that's another product that's "travelin' on traif highway".

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad foodie news.


        1. There are a number of sources for Veggie Oyster Sauce and also recipes. Can't tell about the hecksher form the websites, though Roland Food has an office in NYC.I couldn't fit all the info, but you can email me directly. irisrichman@earthlink.net

          Regards to Jack (from The Downtown Syangogue)




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            Henry Feinberg

            I've also been searching for Kosher oyster-style sauce.
            While we search, could you please share your recipe with us? Thanks.

            1. I don't want to send you on a wild goose chase, so hold on until I found the card from the vegetarian grocery store in Chinatown in Manhattan. I bought a bottle of vegetarian oyster sauce there. They had more than one brand, and I want to say that I saw one that was Kosher, but, I can't be 100% sure.

              1. The best source for kosher Asian food products is www.imofood.com, my girlfriend and I cooked a great beef in oyster sauce with imofood's kosher vegetarian oyster sauce.
                last time I looked at there site they had recopies too

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                  I did not see the vegetarian oyster sauce at their site: http://www.imofood.com

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                    The closest I found was their fish sauce. Not the same thing, but maybe it can be dressed up?

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                      have you actually tried it as a oyster sauce?

                2. Found a recipe for it; scroll down a bit.
                  Haven't tried it yet, but I've got a list of recipes just waiting for a kosher oyster sauce substitute.

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                    I am in the process of moving, and I can't find any of my recipes. IBut I have a jar of dried mushrooms that I put through the coffee grinder specifically to make this sauce. I will post my recipe when I find it.

                  2. Do you remember where in Israel you got that oyster sauce? Do you know the brand name by any chance?