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Jun 22, 2003 02:27 AM

Kosher in Egypt? Greece? Other travel suggestions?

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I am planning a trip to Israel this winter. In addition, I'd like to tack on a trip to another "once in a lifetime" place. My searches for kosher food in Greece and Egypt have turned up virtually nothing (some Chabad catering in Athens), so I guess I'm open to suggestions. I thought about Egypt because we are going to Eilat, but that doesn't seem very viable either.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an add-on trip (just 2-3 days) that's a bit exotic and where we can still eat?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I had a great-uncle who worked for the Jewish Agency. He was quite observant. But when he traveled in Muslim countries (he lived in Morocco while working on the Aliyah), he would have grilled fish.

    For food matters, i would suggest that you leave time for the side trips and when in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem you find a travel agent there that sets up packages for those who observe Kashrut. Turkey is a popular destination as well.

    On the other hand, you can go to Cairo, go to the open synagogue and ask if anyone there has a suggestion. And you eat olives and vegetarian food, knowing that for the most part they don't use animal fats except butter in cooking.

    Greece, well, there is some use of lard and all through the mediterranean, christian or muslim, folks eat their shellfish. Best bet, Israeli travel agent in Israel.

    1. Go to
      They sell delicious hot meals that do not require refrigeration or ovens. They are easy to pack & transport. They are also great for picnics, out of town schools, even to take to a ballpark.


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        I haven't tried them myself, but a friend who tried it said the technology was interesting, but the food itself was bland, and not worth eating unless you have nothing else.

        If you take these with you, maybe you should take along a jar of schug or something as well :-)

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          miriam schwab

          my husband is going to iraq and i need to send some of these with him. how do i get them?

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          Sidney Shapiro

          Having a hot kosher meal is a good alternative to getting food poisioned on local veggies or other doubtful food stufs when lacking a kosher restaraunt.


        3. If you travel to Turkey, you will have no problems whatsoever finding Kosher food in Instanbul, the capital city. There are around 20 000 Jews in the country, so keeping kosher and even going to shule should pose no problem

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            Natasa Sevoleva

            ANKARA is the Capital city of Turkey. Never has it been, nor will it ever be that Constantinople, The City, The Polis, Stin-Polis Istinpolis, Istanbul be the capital of Turkey.


          2. Im am travelling to egypt and would like to know if you recieved any answers regarding kosher food there.
            Please reply as soon as possible thank you.