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May 18, 2003 08:26 AM

good crusty bread

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where can i get great bread in nyc thats kosher?

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  1. Try Fairway. They have several crusty varieties (thin baguettes, Italian, wholewheat sourdough) of their own, plus carry several outside brands that are also certified, such as Tribeca Ovens.

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      thanks clarissa,I will definitely try it.

    2. Moshe's on Second Avenue, between 6th and 7th streets (in what used to be the Ratner's bakery shop) has great kosher corn bread, and the crust is the best part; further afield, anm excellent rye bread can be found in the kosher bakery south of Jewel avenue in Flushing on the west side of Main Street, more or less opposite the Chase bank (G&I bakery, 72-22 Main Street; there are tw, one is further north on Main, and to my tastes less appealing, they're owned by brothers, and started out as branches of a single place, but the brothers don't seem to have the same baking vision any more, and the one at 72-22 is the winner in my book)

      To my tastes, G&I has an excellent bread, but Moshe's is better and has the better crust, and Orwasher's -- non-kosher I think -- has a wonderful super-seeded traditional rye even though its corn bread isn't quite as good as either of these two

      1. If you're on the UWS, Tribeca Oven has a stand at the 97th St. (btw Columbus and Amsterdam) on Fridays. They have ciabatta, baguettes, boules, etc. The prices are reasonable, and the bread is excellent.

        And the pumpernickel rye at Fairway is delicious.