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Apr 30, 2003 02:38 PM


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Does anyone know what happened to Pick-n-Pay on Ave M in Brooklyn? It looks like they never reopened after Pesach. They use to carry lots of food items other stores in Brooklyn do not son misses his MSG-free Israeli chicken nuggets. Does anyone know of other stores that carry the nuggets, Of-Tov is one brand, I think there were others.

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  1. Yes, I was wondering the same thing. They didn't open Chol Hamoed either. A woman stopped me on the street last Friday (on Ave M), and said, "So, I hear they're not reopening." I said - "perhaps only during passover, or they didn't want to open the Friday after Pesach," but she said she's been asking around...word on the street, as it were...and people have been saying they're not reopening.

    Their kosher cheese selection was top-notch. They had the brand with "questionable hasgacha" from Monsey which produced terrific cheeses. Also terrific prices.

    The seniors love to shop there because of all the low-cost prepared foods. Almost like they had close-outs on food service goods.

    Why don't they put a sign outside?

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    1. re: RachelMolly

      My wife picked up some stuff there before Pesach, it was all incredibly cheap, but they have not yet re-opened to my knowledge. She used to get lots of good food there, it's a shame.

      1. re: josh

        they had a strike by workers

        1. re: joel

          i heard they have reopened; however, whenever i pass they are closed......... was a great shop for saving $$$$$$$$ as i came from kingston to save a few bucks

        2. re: josh

          they are now reopened but the owner is a nasty guy still

          1. re: josh

            pick n pay is now open by the way what ever happened to hot dogs without soy in them yuck.

          2. re: RachelMolly

            they have reopened but the young owner is still a sob