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Apr 13, 2003 06:49 PM

inspiration for a potato kugel

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A follow-up question to the below post on kugel:

I'm looking for some nontraditional additions/modificiations to the basic potato kugel. Putting aside whether my grandparents would approve (surely they wouldn't), has anyone ever tried adding one or more of:

* mashed roasted garlic
* carmelized (rather than raw) onions
* rosemary
* chopped oil-cured olives
* bits of salty meat (a bacon substitute, like bits of pastrami or something)
* artichoke

or other nontraditional additions? Thanks.

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  1. I normally chop (not grate) a couple of onions and caramelize them in schmaltz or other fat, then add them to the other ingredients. I also regularly use grated carrots. The roast garlic sounds like a good addition.