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Apr 8, 2003 10:51 AM

Matzoh Cake Meal Substitutions

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So, I just took my macaroon recipe (from the Silver Palate) on a trial Passover run, substituting matzoh cake meal for the flour...It was just 1/3 cup, so I didn't think it would affect the results too much, and it didn't; they were pretty damned good. But my question is, could they have been better? Is there a golden rule for subsituting matzoh meal, or matzoh cake meal, for flour in a recipe?

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  1. Maida Heatter's Queen Mother's Cake. This is an almond-based flourless chocolate torte that uses flour only to dust the pan. Matzoh cake meal has worked fine for me there, and the cake gets consistent rave reviews, usually containing the phrase, "this can't be kosher for Passover!"

    It's found in her first dessert book and is featured on the cover. It is heavily dairy.

    1. For some baked products, I find matzoh cake meal either too coarse or too strongly matzoh-flavored, so I have experimented with using half matzoh cake meal and half potato starch in place of flour...I like this result better. As with all substitutions in baking, some recipes are more forgiving than others!

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        That makes sense; the cake meal did seem kinda gritty, potato starch might smooth things over...I'll try mixing them next batch...I think I could use almost anything to bind the condensed milk and coconut...

      2. Here's a link that lists lots of Passover substitutions. It includes one for flour.


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          Thanks, that's just the information I was looking for...sent it to galleymom, too.....