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Apr 2, 2003 09:21 AM

New Flatbush Restaurants

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The old Kaosan site is being taken over by a new dairy restaurant called Amor of London. They seem to be redoing the place, and the posted sign says Restaurant, Pastries, Desserts. No mention of when it's due to open, but I guess that it obviously won't be until after Pesach.
I also peaked into the Circa-ny on Ave. J. It's really attractively decorated, and the menu looks fresh and interesting. Does anyone know if the menu in the upstairs restaurant is different than the downstairs cafeteria style place?
Also, has anyone checked out the Madison Cafe on Nostrand Ave.? I've heard it mentioned, but haven't seen the place or heard if it's any good. Any comments or critiques, as well as leads to any other new Brooklyn restaurants would be appreciated.

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  1. MADISON CAFE/LUIGI's is a fine kosher milkeg restaurant. As a vegan, I take advantage of their veggie steak and veggie hamburgers and various salads. Their owner and workers are accomodating. For example, I order pancakes without egg or milk in the batter: delicious, healthy, and animal-friendly. (I hope others will ask for the same.) For those interested in ice cream and ices, Luigi's has dozens of flavors, milkeg and parve/sugar free, as well an assortment of fresh fruit salads and muffins. T' Avon.

    Regarding CIRCA on J and E.16th, the menus up and downstairs are distinct. I was not able to order from both, while upstairs. I've had the veggie (nonfish) sushi roll and the pasta: quite good, but would recommend that they add more vegan options.