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Mar 6, 2003 01:20 PM

Kosher Restaurant for 80th birthday party?

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I don't keep kosher myself so I'm not familiar with the options. But I'm planning an 80th birthday party for my mother at a kosher restaurant (some family members keep kosher, others don't).

I've had Abigails recommended, is that a good choice? Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Abigael's ( is good. So are Le Marais ( and Shallots ( But what is your geographical range, and how expensive or cheap are you looking for? Will you consider Brooklyn? Also, do you want meat or milk?

    Abigael's, Le Marais and Shallots are all nice but fairly pricey - you can see their menus and prices on their web sites. But there are some nice places a bit lower on the price scale, and there are also some nice milk places if you would prefer that.

    And there's the Box Tree, an expensive French restaurant that recently went kosher, but I don't know anyone who's tried it yet.

    1. I like Va Bene. Italian Dairy, and a much nicer, calmer atmosphere than many of the other places in NYC, such as Le Merais.

      1. Actually I would most recommend "Prime Grill" (49th and Madison). I just went to a bday party there for my husbands grandmother. It is really nice, the food is excellent (served as in a non-kosher restaurant), service is good, and good for big parties, but just expect a large check (entrees are at least $28-40 for steak, etc.).

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          Abigails isnt that good, Prime Grill is a rip-off and you should be considering Trasteverte 84 which is probably the best of all and is a heck of a lot more reasonable...Had my parent's 50th there and the place was wonderful, very accomodating..Recently ate at Prime Grill for party of 6 and costs us over $400 without drinks..Need I say more?