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Feb 17, 2003 06:49 PM

bloom's kosher deli, n.y.

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new deli /rest opening in yorktown heights,new york KOSHER!

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    Howard D. Hellman

    Date: July 19, 2003
    Re: Bloom's Deli, Yorktown Heights, NY

    This was my first lunch visit to Bloom's, a neighborhood restaurant. As a matter of a brief review I offer the following subjective comments:
    The pastrami sandwich was of good quality (Hebrew National product) and the serving was generous.
    Pickles served were good, although too salty for a senior at the table. There was no plate provided for pickles taken from the serving tray until quite a bit later, when cole slaw was brought to each diner.
    A turkey sandwich, ordered by another of the party was too salty and had to be returned. The server had been asked about whether the turkey was salty before the order was placed. Perhaps a sample slice could have been suggested, thereby saving the restaurant a returned product and a less-than-happy-and-hungry customer.
    A hamburger replaced the reurned turkey sandwich, and it was served in a most utilitarian manner-a burger on a hard roll with nothing else. This was poorly presented, we thought.
    Service, in our case, was poor to almost non-extistent. Our waitress spent more time talking about jewelry, etc. at another table than she spent tending to her customers. The restaurant was far from busy at the somewhat after-lunch time that my party visited.
    I will patronize Bloom's again. Their display of items that are served is attractive. People in this area are happy to have Bloom's nearby. I have heard that service is a weak point, however, and I do hope that the management looks after that detail.