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Nov 29, 2002 12:20 AM

Boston Kosher

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Anybody know of a spot in Boston? If so, how about Braintree?

I travel from Toronto weekly, and have an associate who would really be happy if he ate good kosher.

Thanks, Henry

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  1. Back when I did catering and had to get the occasional kosher meal in Boston, the two options were Rubin's in Brookline and Milk Street Cafe in downtown Boston. Oh, also there is a kosher Chinese restaurant in Brookline but the name totally escapes me now- it's on Harvard Ave at the intersection with Aspinwall/School Street.

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    1. re: Chris VR

      The Chinese place in Brookline is Shalom Hunan, it always seems busy. There is also a new Medierranean/Italian place in JFK Crossing, (near Coolidge Corner, in Brookline) called, I believe, Mediterranean, or Mediterraneo, I check next time I'm by...Milk Street Cafe still has a great rep; is it open for dinner?

      1. re: galleygirl

        Of course- how could I forget- Shalom Hunan!

        I think Milk Street Cafe is lunch only.

        Is Mediterraneo the place that's around the corner on the lower level from Bottega Fiorentina? It's right off Harvard Ave, Babcock Street. I'm pretty sure that is a kosher place. And there used to be a place in Coolidge Corner off Beacon Street, on Centre Street, I believe, that served Kosher pizza.

        1. re: Chris VR

          Milk St is lunch only. They also have a kiosk in the park in Post Office Sq..nice spot with outdoor tables for the better weather. I'm not a big fan of Milk St..good hot dogs and soups..sandwiches just ok.

          1. re: Chris VR

            Ya know what, I think it's Galilee, not Mediteranean. (I get my seas confusd!)..The place around the corner from Bottega Fiorentina USED to be a kosher place, but now it's the restaurant arm of Bottega, Firenze, and it's not kosher. ChuckS, however, is very fond of it..Galilee is further up Harvard, toward the Butcherie, across the street from Dok Bua...Ruth's Kitchen is also there, which does very good Kosher take-out (which I have eaten). There's another Kosher-Chinese place right there, Taam China, that took over the space that used to be Buddha's Delight II.

            The Centre Street Pizza place is now a non-kosher sub-shop, but I believe there is now a pizza place right ON Beacon, a block or two further up, that's kosher.(Beacon Pizza, maybe?)

            Also, to add to the Rubin's allure, I have seen a neon sign for kosher sushi...

            Disclaimer-- It's my nabe, but I don't keep kosher, so I only speak of these places by reputation and observed traffic patterns :)

            1. re: galleygirl

              Oops, okay, here are my corrections (did a little recon work tonite)...The quasi-Mediterranean kosher place; grilled fish, wood-oven pizzas, and pasta, is called Cafe Eilat...Looks cute...Buddha's Delight, not kosher, but vegetarian, is still there. Taam China, kosher Chinese, is across the street, one block down, next to Kupel's Bagels...All around 300-400 Harvard Ave in Brookline.

              1. re: galleygirl

                I never said thanks for your suggestions, so thanks to all!


              2. re: galleygirl

                Cafe Eilat has pizza, not too much else, and it's not that great. Zaatar's Oven was much better, but it closed a few months back. Ruth's Kitchen, on Harvard St., servers take-out kosher Chinese food.

                There's also a kosher restaurant in Newton Centre, called Julie's Kitchen. It has tables, but most of its business seems to be take-out.